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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bolas the dragon (Epic Monster Guide Part 4)

Bolas aka Sorena (Dragon)
Location: Instance Dungeon (Grand wall of Silence/Hayden)
Weakness: Horn
Special drop:n/a (Edit: This subject has been removed due to another boss that are similar or has been updated to not drop it anymore.(A piece of horn to attack with)
Boss attacks:
Dragon breath: A frontal fire breath that burns everything on it's way.
Piercing Roar: A fierce roar that causes fear (blockable with shield)
Deadly whirlwinds: Not only staying on ground but Sorena can also fly up and cause deadly whirlwinds.
Dragon breath strafe: During fly mode, Bolas does a strafe run and burns enemies on it's way.
Charge attack: Similar to Crassus, a charging horn attack which is aimed at a player.
Fly and sweep: Similar to Chimera, Bolas flies different direction and sweeps the victims.
Hint(s):Block when she roars, run away when she flies up.



  1. Hi. I want to ask you.

    You sais there that Bolas's Horn allows you to perform an attack? My doubt is, like in Kimera?

    Some ppl says that whenever Bolas's Horn is broken, he receive moar damage than normal. I don't think this, but I have the doubt.

    And ofc, thanks for doing those videos of you soloing Monsterz, your vids are a rol model.

    1. Yes, my bad it must have been another dragon or update on the old dragon that allowed us to pick up the horn to attack. As they looked the same, but I don't think it's possible anymore. Thanks for notifying it!

      It is possible that he gets more damage because you broke his horn, anyone would get mad :3