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Monday, March 11, 2013

Time to quit?

Is it time to quit? I think so


The main reason I quit is the new content update that hasn't been and still hasn't been implemented for RaiderZ. Not only that, at the end of Lunar/valentine event, the maintenance caused error with the patcher/updater since 27th February as I've mentioned and never got any answer untill they noticed that a lot of players are having the same error as I'm receiving.

They finally had a staff member to show up on the forums to ask as they still don't have any solution to fix it, I sent a ticket to the customer support and we all know what we'll receive: The auto message of what causes us to not being able to patch/login. It's sad, they did mention that they didn't have many staff members, but seriously? I've played RaiderZ since last year and I've actually never thought that this is some sort of doomsday for RaiderZ. Not only that they are very late on updating games and supporting their players, they do pretty much nothing for the players except advertising and trying to get as much money before the game completely dies out.

Yes, I said it, they do milk money out of the players and I admit that I'm one of the players that dislike how they treat their customers. When we talk about this error, it took them 11 days from the time I posted my thread it still hasn't been any respond on either they were looking into it or know this global issue about their client that they have messed up. Since they don't have the issue themself as 80% of the players didn't receive it they just kept going on milking the money out of them. However those 20% leftovers that can't play and the new players that can't try the game out never got a chance to play again made them finally realize that this is a serious problem which I stated already at the beginning of this error.

The moderators are been told to do their job to prevent the massive spam threads of the patch error, nothing I can blame them for but it's ridiculus annoying that they closed the thread of the link to the official thread. It's only 2 pages with a few players mentioning about the error, as there are many many players that wants to confront them and share. Having the thread closed doesn't help at all as players and newcomers wants them to get back in action and do their work and not just slack off.

And for the last part of this blog post that I got annoyed with the game is their servers. Notice that their default region is set to US West, as players across the world is playing. Players whine about lag and such, no wonder why they get it. Isn't it obvious?
I don't know much about the east servers now, but in the end I believe that they will eventually die out as we only be seeing 1 active server and that's the Crawler server. I've learnt my lesson, and I'm playing other games. I'm focusing on the crowded one now but it still shows off that it doesn't have the quality of players compare to the other servers. I know I will break my promise again when they attend to fix this patching error and releasing new contents but for now I think it's a good time to quit the game.

So for all the players on the US East, I'd thank you all for being a great community that provided a lot of support and being the greatest players compare to the West server which is basically the GM's favorite server.

I gave this game a second chance, I've reached my personal goals, I'm hated and beloved by players, I never liked our new CM/GM, I did my best but...

In the end, I'd never became a legend
R.I.P Loli aka Sixrax 2013-03-11

This is my last message I'm sharing with the RaiderZ followers, I'm giving my own perspective on the community, the game and so on. However I'm done with this and if you are interested in following my journey then I've got plenty of other games to play that I'll be streaming and that I will review on my other blog which can be found on the second tab of this page.

Thank you all for reading and following my blog. 185106 pageviews I can't be more happier!


  1. Start a new game, I'll Follow it; looking for other games to play anyhow. Even though i don't know you in-game,I feel that you are good at gaming. Plus I like the music, so i leave the web on when playing games :3

  2. Yes, please link to your new blog with whichever game you choose to play next. I'd love to check out a new game alongside somebody such as yourself that actually evaluates games and appreciates them.

    1. The tab is at top of this blog called Loli's Gaming blog. But here's the link:
      or visit my livestream now and then as I stream games that I play.

  3. Hey Loli !

    Sorry for my bad english, but i follow u since some weeks and after this post, u stop totally RaiderZ ?

    Maybe u can go on EU server ?
    The game is promising but the staff behind also has to be it.

    Have you in mind a new game(set,play)?

    1. Hello, no problem It's not a big deal unless you type in different language.

      Correct, I stopped playing RaiderZ. It wouldn't make a big difference if I switched region I'm sorry ^^;

      I do have a lot of games to try out and play which you can find on my gaming blog or stream. However my main games so far is P2P.

  4. before you leave loli, can you bring in some players to the active chimera community o.O

  5. Loli New update just came out.) Btw i like the Radio on your blog page, very much.

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I won't be going back to play RaiderZ :(

    2. You welcome)Well you probably wont miss much. Anyways good luck and have fun)

  6. Ohh, now u play on Archeblade ^^?

    1. I'm playng various of games. But the last new game reviewed was Archeblade.
      I highly suggest following my livestream channel as I stream games live that I play. I'm playing TERA for now

  7. Could you make us PVE skill build for all class? I was using your cleric/sorcerer guide,and i love it very much. Mind sharing the rest of the skill build to us? : )

    1. Hello!

      I'm sorry that I'm too outdated from the game and that I'm not playing RaiderZ anymore. The EU version got shutdown but will PWE keep it alive? I don't know but I wish you good luck with creating your own unique build.

  8. So, Arc recently bought Raiderz (I think) and you can download it through there. Hopefully there should be new stuff.

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