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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two defender builds

So we've been seeing a lot of defender builds and lot of creativity with skill combo. However the only two builds that I find useful in PvE is the Quick slash and Counter attack builds.

You may wonder what's quick slash and counter attack build?

Here's an explanation on how they work.

Quick slash: A skill build that relies on fast attacks, no unnecessary skills to put your character in delay of skill animation and knows how to cancel attack animation.
Quick slash needs cyclone strike to gain the attack speed and of course you might want to have some basic skills such as Rush, Stunning Smash and the other strikes (Piercing and Chaotic) to perform quick skill attacks.
A good example is my build down below
Loli's Build 1-35

Counter attack build: This build is fairly common among the players as you've seen on youtube videos. The main skill here is Strike of Ruin and Slam to deal heavy damage as you block to wait for the opponent/enemy to be flinched as you deal a counter attack blow with those two skill to perform a crit damage which is pretty high if you manage to get Retribution effect on Slam aswell. The downside is that it consumes around 47 stamina by just using two skills and that's the only combo you get which might be boring if you plan on having more skills. However it works great for bosses and it's one of the good build out there compare to quick slash build. With chaotic strike to replenish 50 stamina should work good to perform 2nd burst combo

Burst / counterattack build
What about the other skill builds or skills in defender?

Well i'm not going to say they are bad or good, however this game relies on heavy/fast dps to beat monsters as you are not a "tank" in this game. However you have the choice of being the "tank" if you want to run first and gather all the mobs to clear them out with AoE skills/spells. But that doesn't require any defensive active skills except for the passives that grants you 100% block without taking damage because you won't be needing the damage reduce etc. Threatening is just the usage of slowing mobs as it debuff the enemy which is 2 skill in one and you might aswell want it to trick enemy that you are buffing yourself as it is the same animation as the other two shouts.
A good example on not needing any defensive active skills can be shown on this video if you and your party members can handle the large mobs.


  1. hi, do you have any recommendations for choosing emerald and diamond encrusted on our equipment for defender / full str, thank you

    1. Well the best diamond is the Greater Emerald of Strength and Agility (Crit) But I would say Strength and Vitality for the extra health.

      Otherwise just stick with Emerald of Strength for the +7 as they will release more content and more gear/diamonds/emeralds will be updated.

      For diamond I would say Diamond of Living Water (torso), Diamond of Vitality (Shield) and for weapon go with whatever you want. With my build I would try the Skill that adds the ice wind effect, sorry I haven't played for a while and being rusty with item names.