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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Berserker's Level progression 1-35


Well here it is , the simplified verson and level progression on Berserker's build to spend your points

Level 1: Crush (1/5)
Level 2: Dodge attack (1/3)
Level 3: Buffalo charge (1/5)
Level 4: War weapon mastery (1/5)
Level 5: War weapon mastery (2/5)
Level 6: War weapon mastery (3/5)
Level 7: War weapon mastery (4/5)
Level 8: War weapon mastery (5/5) - MAX
Level 9: Berserk (1/3)
Level 10: Dodge attack (2/3)
Level 11: Nocturne (1/5)
Level 12: Dodge attack (3/3) - MAX
Level 13: Buffalo charge (2/5)
Level 14: Buffalo charge (3/5)
Level 15: No mercy (1/3)
Level 16: Upward strike (1/3)
Level 17: Tranquility (1/3)
Level 18: Buffalo charge (4/5)
Level 19: No mercy (2/3)
Level 20: No mercy (3/3) - MAX
Level 21: Grievous wounds (1/2)
Level 22: Tranquility (2/3)
Level 23: Buffalo charge (5/5) - MAX
Level 24: Furious dash (1/3)
Level 25: Berserk (2/3)
Level 26: Crushing (1/5)
Level 27: Escape (1/1) - MAX
Level 28: Tranquility (3/3) - MAX
Level 29: Berserk (3/3)
Level 30: Furious dash (2/3)
Level 31: Tornado (1/3)
Level 32: Blood of the berserker (1/2)
Level 33: Blood of the berserker (2/2) - MAX
Level 34: Controlled Madness (1/3)
Level 35: Grievous wounds (2/2) - MAX



  1. Loli, I play on EU server, and you know that crit build you use to have on PWE server forums, i used that as base build and spent last 5 points in some skills i needed them : http://i652.photobucket.com/albums/uu250/beer4spam/MySkillbuild_zps32934242.png

    I use 2 Sturdy Chain for crit and 3 Plate set parts from cata with dif agility+str. I got about 44% Crit Chance ! and about 450-700 DMG. I do pretty good and pve and pvp ! defensive is not too great but you can get by with what i have.

    1. I would suggest to not get more than 2 on Furious dash (horse icon). And you might want to get the tornado and upward strike because they are really helpful. Other than that I don't have anything to discuss about since it's your build that you linked. Remember that you can get more dmg if you plan on going STR builds but use the crit buffs from your skills.

    2. mate if they add Lv 40 sometime and i will reset my build, what would you improve to same build for lv 40 ? because i like this crit build you made, fits my style.

    3. I'm not really sure as I'm looking more into PvE builds.

      So for that I would say max out Dodge attack to reduce cooldown, tranquility for more stamina restore + lower cooldown + heal increase during outrage effect. If you didn't understand what I meant earlier then I would say get atleast lv 1 upward strike and tornado for more combos.

      Upward strike + Crushing is a combo <--
      Neutralize + Dodge attack + Armageddon crush <-- combo
      Crush + Crushing <-- Combo

      While enemies are knocked down Tornado is your main burst skill (not nocturne)