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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loli's Defender PvP 35 build

There has been numerous of questions about PvP build and I finally decided to just make it and hope that it will work for some of you guys. This build works aswell in PvE but lacks a bit of stamina regeneration compare to my PvE build which can be found over here:
Loli's Defender PvE 1-35 Build

Remember that this is only how I would setup my character as it is similar to my Alpha build (lv 25) when Defenders were better than Sorcerers by just adding lv 1 on all skills except this is the advanced/2.0 version.

Level 1:Rush (1/3)
Level 2:Stunning smash (1/5)
Level 3:One handed mastery (1/5)
Level 4:One handed mastery (2/5)
Level 5:One handed mastery (3/5)
Level 6:Massive Strike (1/5)
Level 7:Comeback (1/3)
Level 8:One handed mastery(4/5)
Level 9:One handed mastery(5/5) - MAX
Level 10:Rush (2/3)
Level 11:Rapid assault (1/3)
Level 12:Piercing strike (1/3)
Level 13:Defense mastery (1/3)
Level 14:Defense mastery (2/3)
Level 15:Defense mastery (3/3) - MAX
Level 16:Ice arrow (1/3) *make sure your character can wear Plate armor*
Level 17:Ice thorns (1/5)
Level 18:Chaotic strike (1/3)
Level 19:Slam (1/5)
Level 20:Bastion (1/3)
Level 21:Rush (3/3) - MAX
Level 22:Stunning smash (2/5)
Level 23:Shield slam (1/3)
Level 24:Resilience (1/2)
Level 25:Stunning smash (3/5)
Level 26:Stunning smash (4/5)
Level 27:Stunning smash (5/5) - MAX
Level 28:Evasive strike (1/1) - MAX
Level 29:Chaotic strike (2/3)
Level 30:Chaotic strike (3/3) - MAX
Level 31:Slam (2/5)
Level 32:Slam (3/5)
Level 33:Retribution (1/2)
Level 34:Retribution (2/2) - MAX
Level 35:Slam (4/5)

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