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Monday, February 18, 2013

Your character, your build


I'm Sixrax from Chimera known as Loli from previous stages and today I've decided that I should post something that isn't relevant about best build etc. But more like a thought on builds and your character.

I'd like to give credit to oroness for understanding the meaning of playing the character that you like and good with.


The reason

Now, this might sound crazy but everyone on the forums are basically PvP players that seeks out the best build as possible for their character to perform well in PvP but also in PvE at certain circumstances. I find this annoying that players doesn't understand that your character is your own unique hero with it's own unique build.
It's no one's build to begin with, but you all seek for some guidance that should help you perform well in solo or groups. However, will you regret it if you haven't tried out all classes out? That's where the money or time will be spent on either using re-skill or creating a new character.
I'd like to mention that this game is not all about skill builds, I've got lot's of comments saying that my Defender/Sorcerer build is bad because of these following reasons:

1. It's bad for PvP
2. You don't have any knockback/knockdown/stun skills
3. You don't have the crit skill (Strike of Ruin)
4. You can't kill bosses fast
5. You don't have self heal (cleric's revitalize)

As many of you know, the builds and skills aren't suppose to be meant for all player, some players play well with certain builds and some doesn't. I don't want to criticise others builds but there are some point as I've tried to explain to others that, it's not necessary to have certain skills. But of course the players are so fed up with the PvP aspect that makes them itchy on their fingers to tell me that my own character/build that it's not good in this game.
Considering that I've been making solo videos and other videos aswell as streaming while playing without any problem with my build as I can tank and survive longer shows that, my 1 year of experience with RaiderZ (Almost anniversary for Alpha players that played since March) has not only the knowledge but also the "skills" to perform equally as other players that goes with the same build on the forums.
The reason why I stopped posting on forums is personal issues, I've started my own blog and of course it gets a bit lonely with a few comments below, but atleast people have read them and I hope it will affect some of them aswell you guys reading this, that your character, your build, there is nothing is wrong with it if you can play well with it.

Extra information

Just a side note to everyone that wonders about my build, I'm a PvE player, I'm probably playing my own build (even though people say I copy from Korean player which still doesn't mean it's the persons build). I still do well in Duels, it's all about how you perform with your character. But I do agree that the more active skills you've unlocked, the more combo you will unleash.
I've posted my builds up on my blog, i've shared it on the forums, it's up to you if you want to follow it or make some changes. I've given information on how I plan on my skill build works out and you should be aware that I do lack of skills that works for crowd control/PvP. But here's my opinion on how I see classes and that certain players doesn't need to have all skills to perform well in party as long as you can work it together.

Point of view

People's view of classes

Defender - Tank/Crowd control
Berserker - Dps/Crowd control
Cleric - Healer/Support
Sorcerer - Dps/Nuker

My view of classes

Defender - All-around-class/Dps/High survivalbility
Berserker - Crowd control/Combo attack
Cleric - Support/Dps
Sorcerer - Crowd Control/Dps

Experience > Skill builds
The first thing you should do if you are a new player as oroness mentioned above, try out each classes. See with your own eyes testing the skills out. Try to find a mixture of skills that works well for your character. Don't be confused and force yourself to try out other players build if you don't like it or don't know how they work.
In the old days, my level 1 on each skill build was pretty much a solid build for testing. Not only that it worked well in PvP and PvE, it gave me a better view on how my class works. Not all players has the thoughts of survivalbility anymore as they only focus on Damage.

Don't forget that you know have access to skill calculators (links at end of post), it gives you advantage to plan out your build for the future. But don't hesitate that your build might be bad, others players may share their experience on how everything is build up but have they tried it out? I am not your slave that tries out skills and lose my time and money on reskill or creating my character again just so that you can play and then decide that my build was bad. Remember, we all had to work ourself to cap level, and try out all skills and become familiar with the class. Do not let players to just take the easy way and then become angry and say that your build was bad because it didn't work for them.

Remember that all skills works well in different situation. If you plan on going all supportive skills then feel free to do that. If you're asking me how your build looks like, I'm actually just going avoid most of the questions as I don't want to give my opinions on skills that should be removed or added to your own build.

Some may now wonder why I bash on other players thoughts on each class and builds because they might think I only got experience with defender and thinks that I've only played as a Defender. From my record of RaiderZ, I've played all classes and made my own perspective of builds for each class to demonstrate how my characters would be if they were created, but unfortunately those characters were whiped.
So to summit everything, don't judge other's builds, this is not a rant but more of an announcement of the important things you need to be aware.
As the title says: Your character, your build

You should show more confident on your own character and build, remember that there will always be someone better than you but that shouldn't stop you from trying to pursuit that goal to be better than others. In PvE aspects then you shouldn't be bothered about this as you just need to know your role in the party and to be social with your party members.

I want to thank you for reading this big post of my thoughts and thank everyone that found my blog useful and that you all should focus on yourself than comparing to other and their character/builds. Practice and experience always have a good result.

Skill calculators


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