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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

High Health Gear

So after testing two type of gears (STR and VIT), I finally decided to go with more health.
Now this is something that I'm countering myself as I've said before about no tanking in this game, but the reason why you only needed STR was for bosses like Viva, but otherwise it's all personal choices if you plan on killing fast etc.

My choices for health gear:

* You survive longer
* It's more safe to solo
* Your "comeback" skill heals more
* You get to have most health ingame as the other classes doesn't focus on health.
* You can reach up to 8526 health at lv 35 without buffs.
* At level 40 your max health is around 15000 health as some bosses can hit you up to 3-6k.
* You play different from most players.

This is how much health I got for now, and the reason why I don't have 8000 health is because of my gems.

How to achieve high health

* Get the quetzal armor set (not the life but the original due to higher defense bonus compare to small additional health on life set)
* Get the Mournful Longsword of Life and Mournful Shield of Life (Catacomb weapon/shield)
* Upgrade each piece of gear to +5 for safe upgrade and maximum health. (go +9 if you want more health)
* Socket Great Emerald of Warrior's Vitality on each piece of gear (7x) (Obtainable from Great Emerald Box which is crafted at Rietz with Evidence of Deep Faith dropped in Epic Monastery by bosses).

Advice and tips:

1 Vitality = 10 Health
Full STR set vs Full VIT set (200-300 more dmg vs 2828 more health)
Emerald of Vitality vs Great Emerald of Warrior's Vitality (70 health vs 104 health)

12000+ health videos by 형권 유

15000 health

12000 health

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