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Friday, November 2, 2012

Loli's Defender/Sorcerer Lv 40 Build

37 Defender

3 Sorcerer

- Change log -

Added - +2 Cyclone strike, +1 Comeback, +1 Retribution, +1 Skill of your choice (Rapid Blasts)

Reason - We focus on PvE on this build and want all kind of buffs to boost your damage by doing normal swing 1-3. Cyclone strike 3/3 increases 20% attack speed, comeback 3/3 is lowering the cooldown to 30 sec. Retribution is increased to 60% physical attack upon successful block.

Skill of Choice - If you don't like Rapid Blasts on Sorcerer then you there's only 1 skill point left, there's plenty of skills to pick. You can pick these skills fitted for your style.
- Rapid Assault(Stun recommendation) A stun skill that helps out with crowd control. However not that neccessary if you can block/dodge attacks. And stun doesn't work on bosses.
- Bastion(Survival recommendation) Your emergency 100% block skill that saves you in dangerous situation. However you can dodge most of the boss attacks.
- Rapid Blast(Loli's recommendation) This is the only skill that is useful in this build and the only skill that I favor for my last Skill of Choice. It hits twice and deals a fair amount of damage that can cause flinch and hit multiple enemies in front of you. It has a short range which is perfect to combo or suprise enemies.


  1. Hi, I'm new in Raiderz and I have a question for you.
    If there just 35 lvl, how can I can level up to lvl 40?

    1. Just have to wait for next content patch. They haven't raised the level cap yet.

  2. hi i just hit lv 35 should i make the paladin armour now...and fully upgrade it...
    or is there a better armour at lv 40
    Appreciate the help

    1. Hello Mayur

      Sorry for the late response. Since I'm not playing the game anymore, I'm really not up to date to answer your question. However I would recommend grabbing the lv 35 equipment so you can be prepared for the lv 40 dungeons and farm those later on.