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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fade Step Slash as a Berserker!

Ever been interested in quick slashing as a berserker wielding a 2-handed sword?
Well fear no more and learn this trick brought to you by Tuncer.
Tuncer's Fade Step Slash


  1. Wouldn't this be bannable?

    1. Nope, It's an ingame method to cancel your attack. It works the same as if you use normal attack and then use a skill to reset your normal attack. In this case you block and consume 5 SP while doing every slash.

  2. hi Lolit can you tell to us hows the mechanics of it??? thank you

    1. I still haven't master it yet if you plan on doing it very well timed. It requires you to block at the right moment and move at the same time to cancel and reset the whole animation.

      But here's my tip that works 50% of the time.

      1. Hold down your LMB (normal attack swing)
      2. press A+D together all the time (spam it)
      3. Block when you are about to hit the enemy or when you see the enemy get hit once. (Your block key is the main key here to perform faster fade step slashes).

      If you're lucky you can get up to unlimited of slashes if you time well with step 2 and step 3.

      Just practice this at Ingen's dummy target and you'll get hang of it.

  3. GunZ move/method that MAIET added into RaiderZ as an "Easter Egg" for their GunZ players ^^
    (also 2h-sword animation is same as on GunZ giantsword)

    on GunZ this move would be called "ground bf"(butterfly) + blinkstep

    It was on GunZ ever since 2004, and on RaiderZ since 2009 korean closed beta.