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Friday, November 2, 2012

Loli's Defender/Sorcerer Lv 35 New Build (PvE)

33/2 Defender/Sorcerer

- Change log -
Removed - Rapid Assault -1 - Shield slam -1
Added - Cyclone Strike +1 - Comeback +1
Reasons - I'm focusing more into PvE and when you are going for solo/group in field or dungeons, you won't be a tank. No one is tanking in this game. It's all about teamwork and how to control the mobs. Gather them together and AoE the S*IT out of them.

The reason why shield slam was removed was due to knockback effect and slow animation upon combo. Which leads you to vurnability against incoming attack vs unflinchable enemies such as bosses or champions and specific dungeon mobs. Missing with this skill will also create opening for attacks for other players.

The reason why Rapid Assault is being removed is because the 2 seconds won't help much as it deals low damage upon hit aswell. I rather spend my points in something else to boost my dps output.

- Cyclone strike - This skill is way useful than the other skills if you plan to dish out as much dps in PvE. The effect of this skill grants you 10% attack speed, and 20% speed when maxed out (Look at lv 40 build) with 10 seconds of duration is going to be enough for you to outdamage the shield slam. This requires a lot of practice to kill with normal swing 1, 2 & 3 cancel animation to make it effective.

- Comeback 2 - This is just a pre-req skill to reach down to lv 35 skills, this will be maxed out in lv 40 build for it's purpose on lowering cooldown of a healing skill if you plan on getting vitality/health/life gear (solo/survival).


  1. interesting build, what set do u recommend and what gems for max damage?

    1. On my latest post I recommended Monastery set for the STR boost and all your jewels/gems should be socket with +7 STR (Emerald of Strength).

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