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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Epic Monster Guide Part 1

Location:Broken Mast
Weakness: His left/right frontal claws
Special drop: 2x Crawler shield
Boss attacks:
Mist shout: This big sized mist will slow your movement speed.
Charge: Crawler stands ready to charge forward with a headbutt.
Claw: Crawler's default attacks are hitting twice with his claws.
Hint(s): Take advantage of the shield and use the #2 skill to knock crawler down.

Veilnus (Goat statue)
Location:Broken Mast
Weakness: Veilnus's Heel(legs)
Special drop: Health recovering fragment
Boss attacks:
Pillar smash: A normal swing to hit from horizontal or vertical on his target.
Pillar smash rage: A frontal unblockable smash on the ground with the pillar or AoE close to him.
Hint(s): Take advantage to go between his legs.

Eluga (Frog)
Location:Broken Mast
Special drop:Health recovering piece of horn
Boss attacks:
Leap attack: A large leap up into the air and decides to land and cause AoE damage.
Spit roar: Saving a large amount of saliva to spit from his mouth.
Swallow: Decides to swallow you and chew on you for a bit and spits you out because you aren't delicious.
Hint(s): Take a look into the sky when he leaps up in the air

Fleetfoot (Wolf)
Location:Teress Plain
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Claw pounce:A left/right sweep that actually moves himself forward while doing this.
Tail whip: Fleetfoot gets angry and sweeps 360 AoE with his tail to knock enemies away.
Howl of Pack: Fleetfoot starts to howl once he reaches below 40% and decides to bring 3 wolves with him to take you out and your allies.
Hint(s): Dodge backwards everytime he is ready with Tail whip

Queen Teresis (Spider)
Location:Teress Plain
Special drop:Poisonous fang buff for your weapon
Boss attacks:
Spider Web Shot: A straight line spider web shot directly from her mouth which entangles your movement.
Spin attack: Teresis starts to spin herself to knock enemies away from her (AoE).
Spin and shoot: Similar to Spin attack except this one shoots spider webs to entangle you.
Leap: Who said spiders can't jump? This leap attack will leap from X to Y position. You will take damage if you get landed on Y or at start of X position.
Hint(s): Attack her fangs and take advantage of being behind her. She needs to turn around before attacking.>

Borgo (Ogre)
Location:Rengot Village
Weakness:Clumsy and dizzy
Special drop:N/A
Boss attacks:
Spin attack: Borgo starts to spin 360 and hits everyone with his his club within range. However he gets dizzy.
Triple punch: He may have been a boxer before and starts to jab twice and smash on his third punch
Boulder throw: He finds a boulder on the ground and throws it at you
Home Run: He will grab you like a baseball and hit a homerun with his club
Butt land: He jumps up and lands on his butt to cause stun on anyone around him
Charge tackle: He gets ready to tackle anything on it's way
Hint(s): Get ready to hit him everytime he gets dizzy or standing still picking his nose

Goblin Golem
Location:Rengot Village
Weakness:Crystal heart
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Bomb throw: The goblin starts to throw three bombs at different distances.
Golem smash: The golem starts to smashon the ground twice and leaps forward.
Donkey kick: Standing behind the golem will sometimes result in a donkey kick in the nuts.
Leap: By standing too far from the golem causes him to leap towards to you
Bug smasher: Golem treats you like a fly and smacks you with both hands as if you were a bug
Hint(s):Aim for the crystal heart to weaken his defense

Aruka (Bonbon)
Location:Hero's Lane/Contaminated Garden
Special drop:2x Pieces of mushroom hat
Boss attacks:
Charge: Aruka charges with his spear by running around.
Sleep Mist: Charges up and does AoE sleep to all enemies within radius.
Spin attack: Aruka spins 360 with his spear and deals multiple hit and knocks away enemies.
Venom spit: He saves up saliva and spits a green spit that is standing front of him.
Hint(s):Evasive skills breaks the sleep effect or by standing at distance.

Thanks for the screenshot Taonas

Master of Garden (Giant Flower)
Location:Hero's Lane/Contaminated Garden
Special drop:Tail/Root & petals to recover Energy/Health.
Boss attacks:
Bury: She starts to bury herself down to the ground to perfom different attacks.
Poison Spore: The spores comes up as DoT when she bury herself.
Rooted Healing: This skill heals herself by being rooted to the ground.(this won't occur if her tail/root is chopped off).
Thorny Spikes: As soon as she hits the ground with her mighty hands, roots comes up from the ground to pierce enemies.
Poison breath: This breath is frontal, devastating as it leaves poison effect and direct damage upon hit.
Poison spit: Spitting out poison and lands in an AoE circle shape on the ground.
Charge: She moves to another spot by charging towards the enemy.
Hint(s):Chop off her tail to remove remove her ability to heal and release poison spores.


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