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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did you know? (Defender)

Certain skills has hidden effects

A good example of these defender skills that you should know about and their hidden effects.

Stunning Smash: This skill gives you the chance to dodge an attack while performing this.
Rush lv3: By maxing this skill out you will have a hidden effect of stun which last for 1 second.
Massive Strike: Believe it or not, but this skill grants you dodge effect while performing the two-handed animation strike.
Shield Slam: It's really hard to notice the dodge effect because it's chained with Stunning Smash, however this gives you dodge effect aswell when you charge your attack. This skill generate aggro aswell.
Cyclone Strike: Not does it only give you an awesome animation and attack speed buff but it's animation is actually giving you dodge effect. It last a bit longer than stunning smash.

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