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Monday, November 5, 2012

Loli's Cleric Support/Heal Lv 35 Build

35 Cleric

Tier 1
Hammer of Light This is your default skill, leave it at level 1 to unlock next hammer skill & Links of Light.
Divine punishment Lv 1 is enough as pre-req for Circle of Punishment. We focus more on healing than offensive build.
Revitalization Max it, lower cooldown, higher HoT (Heal over Time).
Divine Mastery Max it, the best passive for cleric.

Tier 2
Focused Strike Leave this at 1 as it recovers EP and uses SP and great for skill combo if you solo.
Heal Leave this at 3. You just need 5 target to heal (Max party size).
Blessing Endurance Max it, this is the only skill that increases total health.

Tier 3
Hammer of Judgement Lv 1 is just needed for the links of light unlock.
Circle of Punishment Lv 1 is enough, not a big difference on maxing it. It shares cooldown with Circle of Healing.
Mind training Level 1 is enough for the proc chance.

Tier 4
Healing Strike Lv 1 is enoughto heal a party member within 3 meters. This skill uses Stamina.
Circle of healing Lv 1 is enough for now. Need the points for other skills. Look at lv 40 Build. It shares cooldown with Circle of Punishment.
Blessing Concentration Max it, this skill lowers the cooldown by 2 minute at max level as it regenerates party members EP and yourself.

Tier 5
Links of Light Lv 1 is all we need, we aren't offensive but this is a support/DoT skill.
Miraculous recovery Lv 1 is enough, max lvl heals you 50% while lv 1 is 40%.

Tier 6
Whirlpool of light Cleric's evasive skill, Max it everyone will need an evasive/escape skill. This also removes immobilization.
Salvage Your instant Emergency heal. You can only get level 1 for now. You will max this later. Look at lv 40 build.
Blessing Swiftness Level 2, You can't max it yet, however the 15% attack and movement speed effect helps a lot. Look at lv 40 build.

Tier 7
Storm of JudgementLeave this skill at Lv 1 for it's supportive DoT.
Miracle:Combat Resurrection Lv 1 is enough for the feature of ressurecting a player.
Nimble healer Max it for it's usefulness during multiple heals. It increases your casting speed when Revitalize or Heal has been casted and can stack up to 3 times.


  1. What gears should we get? Cloth or Chain? Staff or Mace/Shield?

    1. Cloth would be a wiser choice for more INT. Staff is your primary weapon while Mace/Shield can be your sub weapon if you need to block and heal.

    2. hi loli just what to no how did .you setup you build cleric I would love to no

  2. im planning to go full support so what weopons/armour should i wear? will getting more int increase my healing?
    im really new to this game sorry for stupid questions.