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Monday, November 5, 2012

Loli's Sorcerer/Cleric Lv 40 Build

38 Sorcerer
2 Cleric

- Change log -

Added - +2 Burning Meteor, +1 Flame Armor, +1 Pillar of Fire, +1 Flame tornado

Getting meteor as high damage as possible by trying to reach to max, flame armor being maxed for it's buff effect that increases your magical attack. Maxing out Pillar of fire and flame tornado to lower cooldown.

Reasons - Meteor is a devastating skill that needs to be maxed out as it goes up to 700% damage. Having all your main skills (Rapid Blasts, Flame Impact, Pillar of Fire is probably worth with the low cooldown and maximum damage output than having a chance on gaining crit on each spell.


  1. I'm following your build and having a lot of fun! thnx man, you're awesome! If you could write an leveling guide would be great, thnx :D
    (If possible, some parts of the blog are in another language. Change to english pls)

    1. Thanks, argh I'm too lazy to do another leveling/add SP list :P Ah I see, yeah you probably need to change it to loli-raiderz.blogspot.com <---

  2. Good one ...i like it :) thanx pal

  3. Seriously sick build my survival ability is much higher even when I'm mobbed at a low level(15-20). This build is fun as hell! I was gonna do the glass cannon build but if rather survive and be able to heal my self while doing amazing damage!!! Thanks!! Super fun :D

  4. I like this build to sorcerer to can you tell me more on this one

  5. Hey, put an image with your gear please, i would like to see it