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Monday, November 5, 2012

Loli's Cleric Support/Heal Lv 40 Build

40 Cleric

- Change log -

Added - +2 Salvation, +1 Blessing: Swiftness, +2 Circle of Healing

We manage to max out our Salvage for it's usefulness, and we max out Swiftness to get the maximum effect by 20% attack speed/movement speed. We also max out Circle of Healing to reduce the cooldown.

Reasons - The reason we max out these skills is because they are important in party. Lowering cooldown, gaining maximum effect that actually increases parties dps output is always better than being a selfish person that only cares about your own numbers(damage).

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  1. heyy i kow you dont play nomore put just need some help.on a battle cleric build