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Monday, November 5, 2012

Loli's Berserker Lv 40 (PvE) Build

40 Berserker

- Change log -

Added - +2 No Mercy, +1 Blood of the berserker, +2 Crush

We continue on maxing out a the passive skill "No Mercy" and "Blood of the berserker" for it's maximum effect. We add 1 point in Nocturne for it's usefulness in knocking enemy down and pre-req for Crushing which goes well with Dodge attack and Crush.

Crush lv 3 Crush lv 3 grants you unblockable effect on it which works great against shielding enemies in PvE and PvP. We didn't go with Bash, armageddon crush or neutralize because it will become too much stamina waste if we spam all skills.


  1. At what level should I distribute the points? Example: Level 1 put in crush

  2. Loli that all skills you put you are very happy or you want to make some changes? I am lvl 29 and I want to put the correct skills for pve...

  3. loli that is all skill you but in. I am level 16

  4. yes i no you do not play no more.but just what to ask a answer is the 2hsword better then 2h mace i what to go berserker