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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Epic Monster Guide Part 3

Zygniv (Giant)
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Smash: He charges up to smash the ground next to his feets
Walk and Crush: Takes3-4 steps and walks forward in a straight line crushing everything on it's way.
Earthquake smash: Smashes the ground causing a frontal earthquake.
Earthquake rampage: Zygniv becomes angry and smashes on the ground several times and causes an earthquake on last smash
Hint(s):Take advantage to walk between his feets.

Yillis (Siren)(
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Water ball: She cast a waterball causing magical damage, it can be blocked if or hit someone that goes between her target and the waterball.
Water Splash: This is an AoE spell which is slowly increasing it's maximum range causing a high amount of damage to everyone within 15m radius.
Freeze: She combines this freeze AoE spell with water ball to kill her enemies.
Ice Prison: She freezes one target and making them unable to do any actions or move. Recovering Health as she is causing DoT damage on the target. This can break if allies damage it.
Hint(s):Remember to save your friend from the ice prison and block the water balls if someone is about to get shot.

Monastery Director Nator (Tranny?)
Location:Riode/Saint Fhannel Monastery
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Circle of Punishment: Charges his/her skill and creates a circle of Punishment similar to Cleric skill
Links of Light: Similar to Cleric skill, shoots out links of light to cause DoT damage.
Terror Preaching: She starts to preach with a terrifying religious bible and causes everyone except for one player to be affected.
Aura of Darkness: A red aura showing up on the whole room. DoT stacks, dealing higher damage if the battle goes longer and longer. Can be cureable with Holy Water.
Hint(s):Cure yourself from the Aura of Darkness or kill her before the DoT becomes too strong. The person that isn't affected by Terror, use your skill to knock her down.

Guardian Neipus (Butcher)
Location:Riode/Saint Fhannel Monastery
Special drop:Mask or piece of his hammeraxe
Boss attacks:
Whirlwind Hammaxe:He stomps the ground and starts to whirl after the target. Run away from him.
Charging smash: He charges his hammaxe and smashes front of him.
Hit me I dare you!: He stands still and gets ready to counter attack by pounding himself on the chest to deliver a counter attack swing.
Hint(s):Dodge/block most of his attacks, run away when he whirlwinds.

Saint Merinsha (Goddess?)
Location:Riode/Saint Fhannel Monastery
Weakness:Guardian Neipus
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Teleport:She teleports away and comes back smashing the ground.
Psychic ball: She writes in the air some religious symbol and shoots a psychic ball.
Magic Shield: Just like Manelloth, just break this shield or she won't take any damage at all.
Unbreakable barrier: This barrier is unbreakable, this requires Neipus's hammaxe to be destroy it.
Call for help!: At 50% health she calls for Guardian Neipus in the battle to aid her.
Hint(s):The only way to break her UB is to make Neipus whirlwind into her to break it. Whoever that has Neipus after their butt should kite him around the room.

Chimera (Giant Cat)
Location:Grand Wall of Silence/Instance
Special drop:Horn
Boss attacks:
Charge Rush: Chimera starts to rush forward and knocks everything away.
Snake tail swing: Spins with his snake tail causes AoE damage.
Ice/Fire mode: Changes his element upon certain % of his health. Can only be changed once to ice.
Claw and glide: Similar to Diago except he's flying and doing this.
Mega/Giga flare: Chimera flies up in air and starts pouring down fireballs.
Hint(s):Most of his attacks are blockable. It's more safe to dodge against fireballs than blocking. His horn #2 skill causes him to knockback and piss him off.

Upcoming bosses

Ronin ("Lizard Champion")
Location:Cowen Marsh(PvP Area)
Special drop:n/a
Boss attacks:
Spear whirlwind: He starts to spin and attack players similar to other whirlwind moves.
Spear Jump: Similar to Final Fantasy, he jumps up and lands on you with his spear.
Call for allies!: He spawns archer lizards to aid him.
Hint(s):Run away when he spins

Bolark (Giant Mushroom)
Location:Cowen Marsh
Special drop:n/a
Boss attacks:
Tornado: He creates a tornado that's isn't moving but standing still. You take damage by standing near it.
Mutant Arena: He summons an arena causing one player to be forced to stay inside and fight another mutant monster. Kill it before it explodes. Staying outside of Arena will cause DoT damage untill you die.
Sprout/Tentacle growth: He summons sprouts/tentacles to rise from the ground to damage everything within range.
Hint(s):Be aware of who's being targeted for the Arena. And help the victim to kill the monster inside arena.

Lebalon (Fire Lizard)
Location:Aranbas Volcano
Weakness:Eruption scream
Special drop:n/a
Boss attacks:
Fire Smash: Smashing the ground leaving a mark on the ground. This will be activated for Lava eruption.
Rage smash: After a certain amount of marks on the ground, he will rage and smash the ground several times and causing the marks to erupt lava.
Eruption scream: He will start screaming out loudly, casuing several marks around him to pop up and erupt lava. This is the chance to damage him. Hint(s):Whenever he starts to erupt scream, get close to him and hit him as much as you can while he's screaming due to Eruption scream is a distance attack.

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