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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Epic Monster Guide Part 2

Grand Master Riviute (Knight)
Location:Hero's Lane/Catacomb of The Damned
Weakness:Used swords
Special drop:Rusty swords to be used against him
Boss attacks:
Fire Nova: A very common skill by other bosses, he turn invincible to all attacks and charges a Fire Nova that deals AoE damage and knockbacks.
Point and Charge: Whoever that is farthest, will be pointed and charged by his charging flame sword.
Hint(s):Use his rusty swords to deal a great amount of damage.

Basteroe (gravedigger)
Location:Hero's Lane/Catacomb of The Damned
Weakness:Pool of Darkness
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Calling the undead: Basteroe summons his servants to aid him in the battle. Upon spawning a pool of darkness field shows up
Summon fissure: The grounds erupts and causes fissure to move from all kinds of direction.
Fire arrow[Servant ability]: The servant can shoot out fire arrows with their dagger.[br] Hint(s):Attack, stun and flinch both servants and Basteroe together in the pool of darkness.

Manelloth (Evil Sorcerer)
Location:Hero's Lane/Catacomb of The Dead
Special drop: Piece of ornament recovering energy
Boss attacks:
Shadow Curse: Manelloth casts a spell on a target with a curse that has a timer. Once it reach 0 it goes Boom! and causes AoE splash damage.
Fire Nova: Same as Riviute, charging the fire spell however he is open for attacks.
Lightning strike: He's charging his staff to deal a 4 hit lightning strike. Dodge it, block it or get struck by the lightning!
Magic Shield: Casting a magic shield on himself to reduce incoming attack, this heals him if it isn't being destroyed.
Lightning Orb: Below 50% health he starts to summon lightning orb(s) that follows you untill he decides to summon new orb(s).
Terror nova: It replaces with Fire nova and deals terror debuff and DoT damage.
Hint(s):Attack as fast as you can while avoiding certain skills

Ghost Rider(Night time boss)
Location:Hero's Lane/Darkmist Forest/Zerdi Farm
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Fire tracks: Shoots out fire on a track of dirt being shown on the ground with his spear
Teleport rush:Charges 3-4 times by teleporting into fire portals.
Teleport drop:A portal shows up in mid air and drops down with his horse
Fire Ring: Creates two fire rings, one fake and one safety zone. Stand inside the ring or get hit by flames
Terror Gallop: Ghost Riders starts to gallop slowly to his victim. Get caught and he will absorb your health including Terror effect that makes you immobilized.
Hint(s):Remember to stay in the rings, run away if he's trying to gallop towards you and dodge/block as often as you can against his teleporting moves

Shadiz (Spirit Wolf)
Special drop:None
Boss attacks: Clone:Shadiz ability to clone itself makes this battle harder than fighting one wolf at the time similar to Fleetfoot.
Hint(s):Be logical and look at the health of the original wolf and compare to the clones to see which one is the real

Diago (Yeti of Mt.Eda)
Location:Mt.Eda/War zone
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Frostbite Roar: A roar that is AoE and causes you to feel cold, makes your movement speed slowed.
Stomp: When he gets angry he get ready to jump and stomp at same spot to knock enemies away
Boulder throw: Grabs a boulder and throws it at the enemy
Hit and Slide: Charges up his left hand to hit and slide. Causing him to move around and hit up to two times.
Hint(s):Can't manage to be out of distance of his roar? try block against it

Crassus (Beetle)
Location:Makot Village 1F
Special drop:Horn recovering health
Boss attacks:
Headbutt: Crassus tend to use his horn a lot and headbutt a lot.
Horn thrust: Swinging twice with the horn to sweep enemies away.
Purple Mist: A poisonous mist that is used quite often at beginning of the battle. Stay close to Crassus or die by the poisonous mist.
Green Mist: A mist that is dripping of his mouth, as his stomps on the ground which will affect players within 5m radius. Make sure you aren't standing near him.
Red Mist: This mist is replacing the purple one, this causes one player to have immunity against the strongest of his attacks. Stay near the immunity bubble person or suffer from direct damage.

Tyrant Zombie (Resident Evil?)
Location:Rietz Sewers/West
Special drop:Piece of claw regenerating energy
Boss attacks:
Red Drum: The red drum causes DoT damage on your health by being close to him.
Purple Drum: Slows all enemies within range.
Yellow Drum: Neutral drum, nothing happens.
Blue Drum: DoT damage on your energy within range.
Berserk Drum: He gains purple/red drum on himself that causes him to deal stronger attacks (Boost his own damage).
Sneeze attack Tyrant has no nose, upon sneezing it will be a frontal sneeze hitting multiple times by all the germs and bacteria.
Hint(s):Stay away from certain drum colors, if you are color blind then try to talk with your party. Aim for his claw to knock him down.

Fungus (Mushroom)
Location:Rietz Sewers/Center
Weakness:Mushroom bombs
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Enviroment/Spawn Smash: Smashing on the ground causing the water pools to change from clean to poluted water and spawning mushroom bombs. Fungus spore: He looks around and shakes his giant mushroom cap to cause spores to fall down. Causing poison DoT which can be washed off by the clean water pools.
Punch Lariat: This skill is similar to some bosses, a spin attack but it looks like from Street Fighter(Zangief Lariat).
Falcon Punch: A straight forward punch that knocks enemies away.
Charge tackle: Similar to Borgo and other charging tackles.
Hint(s):Wash your DoT away by going to one of the 4 water pools on each corner.

Poluto (Flesh monster)
Location:Rietz Sewers/East
Special drop:None
Boss attacks:
Vomit: Poluto has a bad stomache and vomits quite a lot in battle. Stay away from him or suffer DoT poison.
Left&Right Tentacle: Clubs you with right tentacle and stings you with the left tentacle.
Sting grab: Grabs the enemy with his left tentacle and eats you up. However his bad stomache can't handle you so he vomits you out.
Donkey kick: Same as Goblin Golem, donkey kicks you in the nuts if you stand behind him.
Smash: Smashes on the ground of rage like Goblin Golem.
Acrobatic jump: Does a front flip and lands on the player.
Hint(s):Dodge the acrobatic moves, run away when he vomits and stay away from his left tentacle.

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