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Monday, November 5, 2012

Loli's Berserker lv 35 (PvE) Build

35 Berserker

Credits to 형권 유 for uploading a video on how the skill build works and how to solo Viva

Tier 1
Crush, This is just a skill for AoE party dungeon (knockdown effect), Leave it at level 1 for now (Look at lv 40 build).
Dodge attack, Max this out, lower cooldown to re-use the dodge attack.
Buffalo charge, Max this skill out, you will deal great amount of damage by triple hit of this skill.
2h mastery, Max it or you won't be dealing high damage.

Tier 2
Berserk, Max this, we want lower cooldown to combine with Tranquility.
Nocturne, A pre-req skill to unlock Vanquish.

Tier 3
Furious Dash, Works best as a chasing or running away, level 2 will give you immunity to immobilization.
No mercy, Max it, as a 2h sword user you want to crit a lot and it will boost up the crit damage.

Tier 4
Upward strike, Your second dodge skill, leave this at level 1.
Tranquility, Max it and you won't regret!. Your healing and stamina recovering skill.

Tier 5
Rip out Wound, Max it for passive buff. You crit, they bleed and gets slowed.

Tier 6
Escape, Every class should have an "escape" skill and this is it. This also gives you a 2 second dash once it's used.
Vanquish, This is your bread and butter skill. Everytime you use Crush or Dodge attack, you can trigger Vanquish which works like a 2nd Crush ability to knock enemy down. Helps a lot to control enemies with a low cooldown.

Tier 7
Tornado, Level 1 is fair enough, it doesn't reduce cooldown and maxing this would be waste of points.
Controlled Madness, Level 1 is also fair enough, it only increases by 1 stamina per level restore if you crit. Level 1 is good enough for the crit buff.
Blood of the Berserker, Max this, 15% more damage if you receive an attack, 3% movement speed, and restoring stamina. This gives you everything you want as a Berserker.

- Change log -

Removed - -2 Upward Strike
Added - +1 Nocturne, +1 Vanquish
Reason - Upward strike didn't reduce it's cooldown. We unlock Nocturne and Vanquish to gain more crowd control skills to keep enemies knocked down.
(Thanks sirkatana for noticing that by leaving a comment).


  1. Loving this build ^^ and wonder if its any good for crown control..

    Like some instances like mona,cata and garden??

    Solo or with party would love to see some vids if there any ^^

    Crawler :P

    1. Thanks for commenting, I'm going to make a change on this build and hope you will re-check the build.
      Crowd control skills will be added on the new changes.

      -2 Upward Strike

      +1 Nocturne, +1 Vanquish

  2. Any chance for a defender guide?

    1. The defender guide is further down, probably at the end of blog.

  3. What gear should we use to this build btw? :D

  4. Not really sure what gear he used but here's a link on the gear.

    1. like you build nice.is you still playing raiderz

  5. For me it looks like he's using the Cata gear and one of the cata sword tho :D

    well im not sure but what would you choose?

    1. I would go with anything that has health so your tranquility heals you up more. But your damage would be less if you don't go pure STR.

      Hard choice as berserker.

    2. Well all of the gear gives the same health, Cata is crit and Mona is str so going for Mona Epic gear is best

    3. That's not 100% true, There are Quetzal armor of "Life" which grants additional health. Don't just look through the basic stats of what's better or not. The normal Quetzal gear grants bonus which could be a better choice if you prefer more defense. But yes I do agree that Monastery gear is a solid endgame gear unless you want to experiment with different armors.

    4. Well I'm in this situation im not sure what gear to get and it's irritating me. but Quetzal armor of "Life" I need to take a look into that :> but otherwise i was thinknig of Getting Mona gear with the Cata sword :>

  6. How do u know the person on the video is using that build?

    1. There has been a discussion on the forums about the video and just by looking at the video my build is similar to his. His exact build has been uploaded on the thread aswell.

  7. Darn didn't saw this earlier. I've already maxed Neutralize, following your CBT build. I'm currently level 18. I hope there's a skill reset in quest later in the game.

    1. You don't have to follow it exactly, there's a heat discussion about what's good or bad about my build o nthe forums, and of course it's not perfect or the best however it's an ideal build to show that you don't need all the active skills to just be a good berserker.

      I prefer safety first as I only pick passives, buffs and dodge attacks including knockdown skills however not a combo fan here because it can be pain in the ass for the party members.

  8. Hi Loli. Praelatus from your stream here.
    Could you possibly make a PvP build & give some info on endgame gear for zerkers? Having trouble deciding what set to go for. Have a book of oblivion waiting for me but I have no idea how to make my PvP build as well.

    1. As far as the discussion goes on my thread about PvE build, I see that most of Berserkers for PvP focuses on wide skill choices, which means atleast level 1 on each active skill to combo and juggle with the enemies with knockdowns and knockback. The points are spread out so that your skills are burst damage and you shouldn't focus on many passive skills.

      My closed beta build was pretty decent which can be found in the forums but I don't recommend it as it's outdated. However take a look at other people's builds and you will find a similar build to PvP.